Things that go bump in the night

It’s late (as in, it’s summer time and it’s dark outside) and everyone is asleep except me – cause as everyone knows, mama’s don’t sleep.

Or maybe it’s the thumping and pounding and occasional crash coming from BW’s room that’s keeping me up. Just as my eyelids begin to resist the urge to stay awake and I can feel sleep’s irresistible siren song, another crash occurs – making my heart leap and my breathing stop. WTF?
I used to walk with a heavy step. Anyone who knew me from times before I had children will tell you that is the unholy truth. Since having kids though, I’ve learned the value of the sneak attack. It took me awhile to perfect the technique, but I now cherish the fact that I can sidle up to them and observe them without their knowledge, and when the time is right, scare the hell out of them. It’s a small reward for the long days and longer nights.
In pursuing a sneak attack on BW’s room, I noticed that there were several wayward legos that had escaped from the grasp of a little boy who should have been asleep a long time ago as he hurriedly snuck to the basement, grabbed the pieces he needed and scurried back to his room.
Near BW’s room, I heard scurrying and whispering. As soon as he heard me opening the door, he ran from his closet, jumped into his bed and rapidly covering his head he yelled “You scared me mama!”
The source of the crashing has never quite been solved, but I did notice a precariously balanced combination of Lincoln logs, legos and matchbox cars in his closet that stood about 18 inches high… And by morning… those wayward legos in the hallway had taken cover… their fate also unknown. BW swears that he didn’t do anything with them… but. That’s what he said about the bumps in the night too.

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