The Bliss of Spritz

It’s on cloudy spritzy days like today in Northern Colorado that I’m reminded of other corners of the world that I’ve lived or visited, and it makes this place ‘home’ even more special.
I know of few other areas in which such a wide variety of weather can be experienced in a very short period of time. Already this week we have had torrential downpours, severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, flood warnings, scorching days spent with children splashing in fountains, cool nights, not so cool nights, and wet misty days like today.
A friend happened to be visiting in town this past weekend and was so excited that we had received a tornado warning. That one was never likely to develop was beside the point. He had experienced the adrenalin rush associated with the possibility of danger… the same danger that is often portrayed on the weather channel, television or as in movies like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ or ‘Twister’.
We who live here are so exposed to such watches and warnings that most of us have lost that thrill, and we find it more annoying than anything, especially when our lazy hours
in front of our favorite show are interrupted.
But really, it can be a fun and exciting experience. Perhaps it is because I have small children, and with recent guests, that interests in weather phenomenon has been rekindled and modern technology allows us to watch the weather radar in real time to predict and follow a storms progression.
Being a high desert, it doesn’t seem like Northern Colorado has many spritzy days. We tend to have major downpours followed by bright sunny days. Today’s weather reminds me of the fun I’ve had wandering the streets of Seattle, exploring locations like Pikes Place Market, or moments when I’ve had the luxury to curl up with a book and a hot cup of tea or to watch a classic movie while snuggled up as a family making days like today so welcomed.
Sadly, this day is a busy one, so I won’t be able to pick up that book that has been begging to be cracked open for too long, nor will a movie be watched while snuggled up. Instead, as time allows, a pot of chili will be placed upon the stove for tonight’s dinner, and between errands, a warm cup of coffee will be enjoyed while standing near an open window, feeling the spritz of the weather, and enjoying the smell of the rain, knowing that tomorrow will probably be quite hot and sunny again.

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