Dear Ambien…

Dear Ambien,

I’m sorry to have to do this, but I must. We are just not good for each other; you’ve been driving me crazy for the last several months. Literally. As in were it not for darling Charles asking me why I was so down when things were so good, I might not have been forced to reflect on our relationship.
Friendships have been strained or outwardly lost. Charles has endured, the children have suffered – all because you drive me crazy; literally, bat-shit over the edge thinking really bad long term and harmful thoughts. Sure, you help me ‘reset’ my sleeping habits when things are rocky for days at a time and I need to establish a better schedule, but the thoughts and moods that accompany you are just too much for anyone person to have to deal with. Too much that any one person who wants to live a healthy life should have to accommodate – much less those around them.
Sure, we haven’t gone on any wild rides at night or emptied any refrigerators together, but having almost said goodbye to all those I hold near and dear… Well, I’m sure you will understand, but I need better friends who like to play much more nicely.
So, Ambien, I hope that you take no offense, but I won’t be on anymore play dates with you, or visiting for hours on end. No, I think the break has been made and I’m better for it, and as wonderful as you may be for millions of others out there, I think I want to move on to greener pastures.
– Amy O.

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