The forbidden fruit…

When you are a six year old who is learning about Johnny Appleseed at school, and there is an apple tree in the back yard… there is nothing more exciting than picking and shaking free every apple within reach from the tree on this, a crisp beautiful and sunny day and presenting them to the world around you as the ultimate gift.
Only. Well. We have an ornamental apple tree in the yard. And we don’t spray for worms. And … The apples are so tiny they resemble plums more than they do apples. But, BW and JB have more initiative than do most children their ages… so we were presented with baskets and baskets of little green apples.
After being hounded by two very excited and persistent children, who didn’t want to see their apples and hard work go to waste, Charles and I peeled, cored, de-wormed, and sliced nearly five pounds of these tiny green apples. Tiny, green, hard, unripe projectiles.
Not willing to put all of the collective efforts to waste, we found a simple recipe for apple butter that called for enough sugar that it might, just might counter the tart nature of the green projectiles. The hard part was waiting the 17 hours that were needed to let the concoction cook down into a smooth and flavorful past that we could spread on toast or add to oatmeal or yogurt.
Surprisingly, after that deliriously long period of time, the concoction turned out to be a tasteful treat! One that we’ve all enjoyed and celebrated!
It was (and still is… there were a LOT of apples) a loving demonstration of “Teamwork!” as JB described it.
It’s good to be back…

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