Pencils: reliable, but boring

One morning this past winter while on our way to school after a particularly cold and snowy week, BW and JB were reminiscing over the warmer weather and how much they love summer.

Among their favorite memories are catching fireflies on warm June evenings while visiting family in Pennsylvania.

JB: I miss Pennsylvania. It’s my favorite vacation. We get to stay up late, play in all sorts of parks, and the people are always so nice.

BW: It’s because of the name of the state.

JB: Pennsylvania?

BW: Actually, it’s pronounced PENCIL-vania.

JB: PENCIL-vania? As in a pencil that you write with?

BW: Yes, because the people are so friendly, and hard working. Reliable too. Just like pencils. That’s why they named the state after pencils. Because pencils always work. They don’t run out of ink like a pen, and if the end gets dull you can sharpen it. Even though they are boring, they are the right tool. That’s why they named the state after pencils.

JB: Really? I think you are right.

BW: Yup, the people are like pencils… Reliable, but boring. I can’t wait until we can go back.

And yes, the boy actually said the word reliable. What I’m not sure of though, is how I’m supposed to explain to family living in Pennsylvania, pardon me, Pencil-vania the logic of a 6 and 7 year old…

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