Cowboy Kitty

He came to us on the Fourth of July. Actually, he didn’t come, we did… and he followed.

Some friends have been through an awfully bad spell lately, the latest ‘straw’ has been the loss of the roof over their head. By no fault of their own, but rather a reputed greedy landlord. they have been in search of housing for the last few weeks. Since the residence they currently reside in does not allow pets, those four-footed kids of theirs have been visiting friends until the tide changes and the family can once again be complete under one roof.
Cowboy kitty was one of the displaced. When we found that he needed a temporary home, we took him in since we have experience with rambunctious kittens, the patience and restraint needed to successfully parent both Cowboy and JB & BW – who’ve never had a small and somewhat fragile creature to tend to, and we realized that given the severity of my allergies to kitties – this might be the only time that BW & JB might have in their childhoods to ‘have’ a cat – since I’m so terribly allergic to the feline kind.
Cowboy kitty, whom I lovingly started calling ‘Tuck’, spent 23 busy days with us. His family has happily found a home to call their own and tonight Cowboy was able to join his family of three excited children, mom and dad, and a wholly unsuspecting dog. While he was here we survived our share of frustrations, amusements, moments of tenderness, and of course – the midnight crazies.
I have to admit that I’m going to miss the little guy, and I know Charles, BW & JB will too.

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