Today’s ‘as seen on campus’ finds a home

The series of photos for Today’s ‘as seen on campus’ began by happenchance. While attending and later working at the local university I noticed an occasional bit of graffiti and whimsically photographed the ones that struck me as interesting.

It wasn’t until I started following the additions of handwritten text that resulted in the ‘No Smoking’ sign near the chemistry department’s teaching assistant’s office that I realized the sheer volume of graffiti, street art and other temporary works on campus that people didn’t appear to notice or react to.

While I found many of the images ponderous, funny, clever or just plain odd, I also had the urge to share them with friends and family, kind of as a “Wow, you would not believe what I found on campus today!?” incredulousness.
Without knowing how much material would eventually be documented, the images were placed onto one of the more popular social media sites, and it became a great way to share the oddities of the university life as well as the human experience with friends and family.
As concerns regarding personal creativity, ownership of photos I’ve taken and the ever evolving form of social media and it’s associated privacy concerns grew, I became convinced that there was a better solution to sharing the images and decided to incorporate them into this blog. I apologize if there are several that you’ve seen before, but I assure you that there are several that have not been posted before and that the series will continue so long as there are interesting images to capture.

Noticing and recording odd or interesting bits while on campus became a daily habit, so much so that friends would occasionally point out or ask if I’d seen an especially outlandish piece. To them, and you know who you are, I say ‘Thank You!’ for continuing to pique my interest.
To those who’ve followed the series and have commented on it at one time or another, I extend a hearty “Thank You!” as well – without your continued interest, I’m not sure how motivated I would have been to continue to collect and post the day’s findings.
I hope that once school begins you will continue to visit and check out what is posted for Today’s ‘as seen on campus’. While it may not be thought provoking, I can assure you it will be interesting.

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