Dr. Seussian Creature

While I was out running errands and restocking supplies for the house this week, I happened upon a clever throw blanket, thought that it fit my mood and given that we will soon be in the throws of winter when one could always use another blanket – I got it.

Yes friends… I splurged. Me. The one who doesn’t purchase anything unless its on ‘The Need’ list. If you want it I tend to respond with “I am truly sorry, but it’s not a necessity.” The child in question will have to wait for it to migrate over to the ‘need’ list, or wait six months and see if the desire to have it grows so strong that it will simply be the end of days if said item is not make it’s way into the cart and thusly to our home.

For this and other reasons, JB and BW have come to prefer shopping with Charles. The man either cannot or will not say “No.” It did not take long for the children to recognize this fatal flaw of his, and so now when he needs to ‘run an errand’ without company (ie. escape from the offspring), he finds that he must either pursue a covert operation, or wait until they lose interest. And now that they are older, that can take a long time.

I usually discover which tactic he’s selected when I need his help and am unable to find him… anywhere. The newly instated rule is that he MUST take his phone with him when he escapes, as he might actually be needed at some point beyond the ‘Go ask your dad.’ kind of situation.

Often times he’ll bypass the whole dilemma of kids begging for things by insisting that we run errands as a family, knowing that if mama is in the mix, we’ll stick to ‘The Need’ list, by default. He gets the hugs, I get the sad dog faces, and all is good in the world.

But then I bought this blanket. As each child came home from school they immediately took notice of it. “Mama! What is THAT!? Can I have it!?”

“A blanket, it’s mine and no you may not have it.”

“WOW! It is cool!” And then a pause, followed by “Um. Did you NEED it?”

“*Sigh*… No, but… I thought it was really very cool, so I got it.”

As if looking at myself in the mirror in miniature form, JB stood before me, tightened her jaw, crossed her arms over her chest and began tapping her left foot. And then, she started nodding her head ever so slightly, in time with her foot.

BW standing next to her had no expression on his face for the longest time. It was as if the laws of nature had been completely violated.

In unison, their eyes moved back and forth between me and the blanket, the blanket and me…for what seemed like an eternity but was actuality about ten seconds before they simultaneously looked at each other, grinned and as they threw their hands in the air shouted gleefully “Let’s go SHOPPING!”

I was able to distract them from the idea of shopping, and the mayhem that most certainly could have followed by suggesting that we re-arrange their rooms and come up with ideas for how to redecorate at some future undecided time.

The blanket tho, made it’s way up to the master bedroom, and has taken residence on my side of the bed.

When Charles first saw it, his only question was “What is that dead-looking Dr. Seussian creature-thing doing on our bed?”

And wow, he called it.

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