All the Way Up

It has been a very warm spring, so much so that people are already sporting their summer wardrobes. But not BW.

Observing the outfit that he’d chosen for a day expected to be 80 degrees, an appropriately light t-shirt was selected from his closet and given to him to change into.

Seeing the shirt, he flew into a tantrum yelling “No, I am NOT going to wear that shirt! It has no collar or top button! I MUST BE ABLE TO BUTTON IT UP!”

And so it was that the boy attended school wearing a long sleeved polo shirt that was nearly two sizes too small. Because it did have a collar and could button all the way up.

On our way home from school pickup we talked about one of BW’s class friends who invited him over for a play date.

When asked what the other boy was like, BW replied “He’s a fun guy, but sometimes he just needs to relax.”

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