Smart Alec

Last weekend JB was at a sleepover, so Charles, BW and I opted to see a movie and then go to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. As we were finishing our meal and talking about the movie we’d just seen BW noticed that there were a couple of lights that needed to be replaced.

“Mama, the amazing thing about lights is that they provide light and heat, but they don’t use energy.”


“Yeah. I guess that’s why PSPs last so long. They have really small light bulbs in their screens so they don’t use energy and you don’t have to charge them very often at all.”

“Hum.  I wonder if they actually do use a little bit of energy, maybe in two forms; the light that we see and the heat that we can feel. Perhaps with PSPs they have found a way to be more efficient so you don’t have to charge them as often.”

Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, BW replied exasperated “Mama. I really think that you need to go back to school and learn some things.”

Charles choked on his drink and stifled a giggle as the conversation continued with BW sharing more detailed thoughts on his theory of how energy worked as we cleaned up our table and prepared to leave.

Walking out the door, BW looked at me and with great sincerity declared “Besides mama, I’m a real Smart Alec. I know LOTS of stuff.”

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