Pleading the Fifth

Today, while the minions were at school, Charles and I took advantage of the kidless time to finish up some last minute gift getting for JB and BW.

While reviewing what we’d collected to date, I asked if Charles’ had seen the cord collector critters that I’d picked up along the way. He replied that he had, that they were in one of the piles in ‘The Room that holds all gifts Magical and Not-so’.

To his response, I ruefully replied, “Well, it’s not as thought BW will actually use it, it seems beyond him to wind any cords up.”

“Oh, he just models his behavior after what he sees.”

“Pardon me, are you saying that I’m not good at putting things away?”

I didn’t say it.”

“So, you ARE saying that I don’t.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“You just smiled. You did. Are you also saying he is MY child.”

“I plead the Fifth.”


“Yup, I plead the Fifth.”

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