Without Lines

It was one day, many years ago, when we were driving about, running our standard fare of errands when BW’s little voice called out from the back seat “Mama, did you know that without lines there would be nothing?”

At the time I was racing the clock, trying to complete the bane of every mother’s existence – the ToDo list – before it was time to pick JB up from preschool. So it was with a distracted, “You are right about that, love” that I responded.

It was recently, while in the midst of a therapy session with BW that the therapist presented us with a thin stack of blank paper and a pen asking us if we had ever played the game ‘squiggle’.

The instructions were simple; playing in pairs, one person draws a line, whatever they wanted, and it was up to the other player to use that line to make a drawing.

It was while looking at the clever doodles created as BW, Charles and I took turns drawing simple lines, curves and squiggles that the profound nature of what BW observed at the young age of 3 or 4 took hold. Without lines, there would be nothing.

As the session drew to a close, BW couldn’t wait to share this enchanting little game with JB. And later that night the two spent hours drawing, laughing and playing with each other.

It is though, his latest question that has me puzzled, and I am not entirely certain as to go about answering it for either him or myself. Even one of the professors I worked with last semester, and an expert in his field, was unable to completely wrap his mind around it.

Perhaps it is up to BW himself to determine if life is possible in the absence of vibrations of any kind.

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