My life is a Zoo Part III

Squirt is losing her mind.

Since posting of our last adventures with Ricky and friends, our girl has convinced herself that there is “SOMETHING” living in our fireplace.

Yes friends. A creature of seemingly ill repute is living in our fireplace. But only Squirt is able to detect it, and she has taken to ‘guarding’ us from the fireplace.

But we aren’t entirely sure what she is guarding us from. She was so convinced that something was in there, that she had me going.

Charles and I pulled out the damping material from the insert, got a hoe and dug about the fake ‘logs’ in there just in case there was anything taking up roost.  There wasn’t a single thing. Rodent traps, bird traps and the motion-activated cameras have caught nothing to date.

Unfortunately, while I was digging around in the fireplace, Squirt stuck her head in, sniffed about and let out a series of fierce ‘warning barks’ only to have them echo back at her and scaring her pee-less and further convincing her that ‘It’ is in there.

Until the raccoons moved into a neighbors yard last fall, we had never heard her bark (yes, 9 years without a single bark!) … and now she is fully exploring her new-found voice, leaving me on edge.

I’ll be working quietly along on a transcript for Kait and BAM! This giant black streak bursts into the office, and lets ‘It’ have it. Exhibit 27 is attached.  The Great Defender in action.

Seriously, who needs coffee when random barks of don’t-mess-with-me-I’ve-people-to-protect heart stopper like Squirt’s can keep me going?

And here I thought the boy was going to do me in before my time.


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