Study Habits

Every now and again I stumble upon a picture that I’ve taken along the way that so aptly demonstrates the insanity that sometimes rules the house.

One such picture is this. 
Captured on a hellish weeknight while slogging our way through homework, we finally gave up on how studying for spelling ‘should be done’ and let the boy go about it on his own terms. 
*Sigh* If you notice, the only thing in the picture that is fuzzy is the feet. That’s because they were actively waving about, as the child called out each word, letter by letter. 
Considered by Charles and I to be one of the more ridiculous study sessions we’ve had thus far in BW’s short academic career, we all managed to escape without too many bumps or bruises and it seemed to work, for the boy at least.  He scored a 95% on his spelling test.

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