Step By Step

Project Purpose had about 35 teams apply for it and of those only two teams were selected. When I submitted our application, I honestly thought that there was not a chance in the world that we would be one of the two teams.

I’ve known that I’ve needed to regain a healthier state these last several years. I’ve had the interest and the motivation but what held me back was a lack of security in knowing what I was doing at the gym and the flexibility in my schedule to allow me to exercise for what is really an hour and a half once a day, five days a week. That lack of confidence, inability to find time in my schedule, and the fear of not having a trainer and the lack of finances for one is what has held me back.

As part of Project Purpose, Karl and I will be working individually with a trainer for 30 minutes a week and a nutritionist once a month for 30 minutes. As a team, we will work with a wellness coach once a month for 30 minutes to work on our goals – once they are set.

All the other hours at the gym, working on diets, and getting the wellness back in addition to any equipment we need to purchase has to be done on our own, by us.

Not everyone has the disposable income for a trainer and not every person needs a trainer. But everyone does need to move.

For me, the single most important piece of equipment is a good heart rate monitor that blue-tooth connects to my phone. It is integral to making sure that when I exercise I’m working hard enough to see results, to feel better and to be able to sleep at night. The free app ‘My Fitness Pal’ which keeps track of my food diary, work outs and weights completes the bundle allowing me to see those stretches where I’m having success and those where I need to hit the gym.

Before we had kids I used to hit the gym several days a week. I felt good, enjoyed jogging and for the most part, slept soundly. Other than my shoes and my gym membership I had a heart rate monitor – and that was acquired only after I became pregnant with theb’OY and needed to keep my heart rate below a certain number for the baby’s health.

That was how I learned the value of the HRM and it was the first tool that I purchased even before I’d heard about P2.

That’s my most important tool… And I know that everyone has their own. Lately when I meet people, and the topic of activity comes up, that is my go to question – “What is your most essential piece of work out or exercise equipment?” Some of the answers are a surprise. Which of course, leads to more conversation and even the potential for a coffee buddy.

So, for you gentle reader – I ask, “What is your most essential piece of work out or exercise equipment?”

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