Quiet Moments

Here at the House of Chaos, it’s not all about workouts, eating right, and taming the schedule.

Tucked in between the running and dashing, the constant clock watching, loud conversations, and laughter there are precious moments where time seems to slow and conversations drop to occasional whispers.

This past weekend had all the trademarks of a typical one; we tore out a deck to make room for a new patio, cleaned up leaves, turned over the garden in preparation for the spring, and everyone got to where they needed to go with time to spare.

But then the boy pulled out a puzzle that hadn’t been opened, commencing the start of a much-needed ‘pause’.

Squirt looks on the current puzzle we are working on.

It takes us longer to build puzzles nowadays – but that’s ok because it means that our bonding time lasts just a bit longer. It’s a tradition I grew up with, and one that my children enjoy so much so that they refer to sharing it with their own families some day.

With colder weather and holiday madness on the horizon, the soft moments are all the more important – and knowing that BW and JB are growing more independent and will soon prefer the company of friends over family – I’ll take every moment I can get.

On this transitional fall morning, I hope that you Kind Reader, are able to have a moment to breath just a bit deeper, play in the leaves and spend time with those you love.

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