A huff, and a puff…

Shark, 2014 – JB


When the girl gets it in her mind that she’s not going to do something, everyone better watch out – there is a storm brewing on the horizon – cause mama don’t take that shit.

There isn’t any screaming or yelling – just lots of sarcasm (and huffing and puffing on her part.) It’ll be tense for a while, but then at some point – a funny face is made, a slip of a word or she recognizes the ridiculousness of the situation and she starts to laugh.

Tonight, it was a 45 minutes argument over whether she had to eat the noodles from her chicken noodle soup or not. 45 minutes. The boy took off early, he saw the clouds begin to darken.

Charles was preoccupied with his project and got caught in the storm of words. For 45 minutes he looked for a break that would allow him to escape without drawing attention to himself, to no avail.

After being called ‘stinky moldy cheese-like goo’ and ‘nasty rubber bands’ the noodles were finally consumed and she was on the prowl to track down BW and drive him crazy for a while. But he’s onto her and has made his escape yet again.

She’s still looking for him.

And to think she’s only in 4th grade right now.

I need to work on my mad mom ninja skills before the teen years get here.


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