Finally, with all of the birthdays, Christmas celebrations, Nutcracker and end of school activities we had a chance to sit down and eat dinner as a family.

It was bliss. For more than two weeks we’ve been moving in different directions, without a lot of time to chat and catch up with each other beyond addressing the next crisis or scheduled some-place-to-be.

So busy in fact that I swear that the boy has grown a couple of inches since I last saw him.

And we are all anxious for the winter vacation – and tired… no, exhausted as indicated by JB’s observation midway thru dinner.

“Holy Moly Cannoli! THAT was Fabulous!”

Agreeing that the meal Charles prepared was fabulous, we settled back into quiet chatter when JB stopped mid-sentence and asked “Wait, is fabulous even a word?”

Clearly we are a tired bunch. Only 1 more Nutcracker, two birthdays, a week of school and Finals week before we break for the holidays.  Then, the only thing on our schedule is to eat, sleep and be merry.

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