Why Bagel Holes?

We survived the weekend!! YAY!

After months of rehearsals, Nutcracker is a memory, at least until next August when auditions are scheduled.

At school, the Girl’s class is reading ‘The Secret Garden’, and having recently watched the movie production of it, she’s taken up speaking with a slight British-esk accent.

While preparing lunch for the school day ahead, she asked in a proper voice “Mother, bagel holes are so annoying! You are eating your bagel merrily along, and suddenly there is this ginormous GOB of cream cheese. Why do they even have a hole?!”

(Sipping coffee that is too hot to gulp down on this morning that has started far too early, are we really talking about this right now?) “Probably so they cook evenly, I suppose.”

“Fair point. So why is it that they don’t put the hole back?”

(My God she does remind me of AunT some days.)

“And they would do that… how?”

“Hum… I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

I’m not holding my breath in the meantime.

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