One of Charles’ favorite restaurants is a little vietnamese Pho place on the far edge of town.

Sometimes, when the minions are in school or off at friends houses, we will make the trek to the less explored part of town and let ourselves become enveloped in the deep and rich smells of homemade pho.

One day, with the kids in tow, we were running late on the timing of our errands so we began to banter about ideas for what we should do for lunch.

Thinking aloud over restaurants that we hadn’t been to in a long time, we passed by Pho’s. On a lark, we tossed that out as an idea – and after some discussion that we didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy a meal there – we decided upon another little cafe in town.

Later, after finishing our meal and heading out again to finish our errands – the girl expressed relief.

“I’m so glad we didn’t eat at that pho place you mentioned.  I couldn’t imagine why you would want to eat at a place named “My feet are numb.”

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