It all runs together

The last three weeks have been filled to the brim with activities and obligations. It’s the perfect storm of schedules.

My team at work continues to grow at a pace I’d never imagined – three new people in the last 5 days alone. Additionally students have been adding classes to their schedules, not dropping them as we typically see.

The result is a schedule that incorporates the needs and availability of 17 people to cover 70+ classes. It is the ultimate puzzle, and can be somewhat taxing to figure out at times. Add in the need to identify and account for substitutes as needed and it’s like standing in a tub of cold molasses while a tornado is whipping by.

It’s also the start of Girl Scout Cookie Season. For me this means doing a product analysis and making sure that our initial order of cookies gives us enough product to make a profit and yet not so much that we are left with boxes of confectionery crack at the expense of the Troop’s bank account.

Kids have doctors appointments, pets need to visit the vet, and somewhere in the midst of it, I need time off to care for myself.

My poor blog has been sorely neglected, tucked somewhere between ‘I really need to’ for others and the longing of a writer’s mind crying out to string words together.

Soon I will be back in gusto – plans are in the works for me to regain a greater balance of life, love and work.

Stay tuned.

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