All that it holds

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind – so much so that I’m just now realizing that neither child has school this week and I don’t have to go to work.  (Yes, I am still working as an ICT – I’m no longer mentoring or managing the team.)

Why? Because it’s spring break.

And somehow I missed that.

It all began as a fluke ‘Cool! I’m going to go for it.’ (Wait, isn’t that similar to how Project Purpose started?)

That was followed by a stream of emails, a flurry of meetings, lots of learning and then, disbelief with a lot of pinching myself.

I’m not entirely sure of what I was expecting, but with each passing day I have grown more more excited, and nervous.

After the change in my responsibilities at work left me lagging and looking for a creative outlet, but before my last post, Charles sent forwarded me a Reddit entry in which the owner of a local blogging network mentioned that they were looking for a writer.

So, I tossed my hat into the ring, put together a portfolio, cleaned up my resume and hit the ‘send’ button. And then I waited.

And, waited.
And, played with my plants.
And, waited.
And, watched TV with the kids.
And, waited some more.
And then.

My interview went well, and in the end, even with the competition that was more experienced, more familiar with the overarching subject of the blog, I got the gig.

Yes friends.
I – got – the – Gig.


I can now add ‘professional blogger’ to my list of occupations. The opportunity to write on a regular basis is daunting, and welcomed. Trying to write on my own, without any sort of deadline is a challenge when it feels like so many other things are demanding of my attention. Now, I have that deadline.

The blog is Farming Fort Collins and it’s part of the Scoop Network, and I am excited that the ideas I’ve proposed have been enthusiastically welcomed.

My first post goes live on Wednesday. So, between now and then I need to do some serious planning, put a lot of words on ‘paper’ and hope that some of it works.

I’m indescribably excited and nervous too. And not to worry – Tales from the House of Chaos is not going anywhere.

Fingers crossed for this new opportunity and I hope to see you on the interwebs.

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