A Happy Heart Open House

Way back in the day when as a youngster learning about landscape architecture, one of the common points of critique and discussion was about the ‘sense of place’ that our designs either had or didn’t have.

The sense of a place that a location has is the intangible characteristics and qualities that you feel the moment you enter a space. Have you had the experience of arriving somewhere and no matter how hard you try, you can’t relax or you feel anxious? Or other places where you feel at home as soon as you get there?

That’s the sense of space, it’s the ‘gut’ feeling that you have – the ‘feng shui’ if you will – of a room, a garden, park or even something as small as the desk you sit at.

Visiting Happy Heart CSA today for their Open House, the sense of place is instantaneously welcoming. As soon as you arrive, you can tell that there is something magical about this hidden gem, nestled in amongst the apartment buildings and student housing.

Though I’ve lived in Fort Collins for nearly 20 years and I’ve seen the name of the farm at various events around town, it was only when I read Erica’s profile of Bailey Stenson that I learned about this dynamic and unconventional farm.

Happy Heart

Perhaps it was the merriment of the open house that generated the urge to sit down and join in on conversation while kids ran about laughing and dogs roamed amongst the people or laid at their owners feet. Closer to the main house, mature trees provide an over-story of shade that even the best designers have a difficult time trying to create.

Happy Heart

Within moments of meeting owners Dennis and Bailey, it is clear that they have a wealth of information and wisdom that they eagerly share with anyone in earshot, and there is practicality and warmth about them that leaves you wanting to spend more time with them.

Trying some of Bailey’s award winning Rose Petal honey was reason enough to have made the trek, and I’m looking forward to returning to the farm once the season has warmed a bit and things have had a chance to grow and the farm is in the swing of the season.

Happy Heart

Until then, I’ve got lots of reading to do on bio-dynamics.

Happy Heart Farm CSA has shares available for this season. Visit their site on CSA Membership for more details and information if your curiosity is peaked ~ and be sure to tell them Amy sent you.

If you should own, operate or know of a farm in the area that that has a certain unique and interesting quality about it that you’d like to see being shared on Farming Fort Collins, send me an email (amy@farmingfortcollins.com) – I’d love to learn more about it and stop by for a visit.

Until next time, may your knees be green and your spirits light.




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