#GrowWithFFC Update – Flowers & Fruit

Time sure has a way of flying by with the hustle and bustle of the spring.

Little more than 100 days ago, the tiny little seeds that are #GrowWithFFC were tucked into planting media and had their every need tended to in the hope that most would make the journey to the garden.

What started out as wispy little spikes with two leaves have now grown into mature plants that are now blooming and producing seeds of their own. A full life cycle in 100 days.

GrowWithFFC Update

In the 36 days since the last update about #GrowWithFFC, the tomatoes, watermelons and pumpkins have been hardened off and set into the garden. New growth of deep green leaves have emerged indicating that their establishment and with the arrival of warm weather, they’ve begun growing almost as fast as the weeds.

Uncharacteristically, I failed to label the seeds when they were first planted so it has been a bit of a guessing game in identifying which plant was which variety of tomato. Of the 12 #GrowWithFFC tomatoes, only 8 survived the hardening off and transplanting process.

Looking at those that survived, all four of the Pink Brandywine survived. A heritage variety, the leaves on this tomato have few notches or lobes and the plants have an identifiable vigor and staunch nature that makes them easy to identify. They are busily growing, but have not yet set flowers.

#GrowWithFFC Update

The two other varieties – a Super Sweet 100 and an Early Treat Hybrid are very similar in their growth patterns, leaf cut and shape. Before they started blooming, I suspected that I’d lost all of one of these types had not survived. Now that they’ve started to bloom – I’ve happily found that there is at least one of each variety in the garden.

The pumpkins and watermelons also survived the transplant – which is exciting as squash doesn’t like to have it’s roots disturbed, and often won’t survive the transition from pot to plot.

The pumpkins are starting to bloom, and buds are visible on the watermelons – meaning that with continued good weather, they too should bloom soon.

GrowWithFFC Update

The hard work is now done and all that remains is the weeding, pruning, harvesting, and enjoyment of Nature’s Bounty.

This is bliss. This is why I garden.

Until next time, may your knees be green, and your spirits light.




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