Crazy-Hectic-Busy, or is it just Tuesday?

I do apologize for the lack of a post on Sunday, and, in essence, today. Life has been incredibly full, and as can happen, not everything on the ToDo list was crossed off.

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, this is one of those times of year when schedules and different corners of each family member’s world begins to collide with one another and it isn’t until the dust of school starting settles that we are able to ‘get back on track’.

Today, our “House of Chaos” officially has two middle schoolers and as they share the same bathroom – fingers crossed that we survive a new routine of two very different children using one bathroom during the wee hours of the ‘morning rush’ out the door.

I myself had to put into practice mad ninja skills when disappointing news from one university came to light – to apply to, submit paperwork, and then register for classes, and ‘new student’ orientation at an altogether different one.

Requisite texts, school supplies, and wardrobes have been purchased for those of us that needed them, and the task of completing applications for work have begun. (Not to worry, Kind Reader – I’m not going anywhere. Blogging, while it soothes the creative spirit within, does not pay and thusly additional employment is needed – especially with two active middle schoolers.)

I am thankful for the rain that tended to the garden and container plants, as they have been dry for a while given that our monsoon keeps hopscotching over the area and I’ve been too busy to get ‘out there’.

FFC Busy 01

Rather than buy and sell a house as many friends have done this summer, two weeks ago we opted to instead simulate our own experience by packing, cleaning, and ‘moving’ (really just swapping) out of and into bedrooms & the office. Painting and the merriment that goes with it is on the horizon once everything has been sorted, fixed, and put in it’s new home.

I’ve also come to the realization that with kid’s activities, my activities, and errands, I typically drive nearly 100 miles EACH day. Thankfully, we’ve a ‘new’ zero emission (electric) Leaf, but while traveling between stops for the Homestead Tour it was backed into by an intoxicated ‘individual’ and required repairs.

FFC Busy 03

Last weekend, and this one, I participated in CERT Training (Community Emergency Response Team Training), which is an amazing program and I’ll share more about in a future post, but does take two full Saturdays of participation in order to be certified.

Adding to all of that, I’ve been tending to a rather irritated hedgehog that decided that with all of the surrounding excitement, he wanted to try his hand at hibernation – an act that is essentially a death knell since they’ve lost the ability to ‘wake up out of it’ generations ago.

A quick walk about the yard revealed that there are several pumpkins swelling on the vine, and with luck, several will be ready to carve when Halloween rolls around.


And that’s what I can remember.

How has your week been? Busy, I’m certain.

Amy 🙂

— *Update*—

Oh! I forgot the BEST moment, which was this morning… boy middle schooler enters my office with a ragged-looking folder in one hand and a wad of clothing in the other. My nervous inquiry was met with “These are my gym clothes from last semester and here are some papers that you needed to sign.” The inaugural washing of the gym clothes occurred this afternoon, btw.



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